Cathy Mason

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Cathy Mason

Beginning & Intermediate Fiddle*

Cathy teaches private lessons in person and by video, as well as workshops and classes to students of all ages. She believes that musical skill and passion develop, rather than being bestowed and loves helping students master the interplay between physical, mental, emotional and logistical factors that lead to musical satisfaction and improvement.


Cathy has specialized in American traditional fiddle music, primarily Old Time string band and vocal styles, as well as the Cajun and Creole music of Southwest Louisiana for the past several decades.  Cathy’s solo and ensemble playing conveys the soulful, haunting beauty and the quirky, rhythmic drive of these styles.  She performs at dances, parties and concerts all over the east coast and south with her bands, The Dead Sea Squirrels and The High Strung Strummers as well as with other musicians.  She has been a winner of several awards at the Lowell Fiddle and Banjo contest, been on the staff at dance and music camps.

Visit Cathy’s website here.

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