campfire. festival

It started as a way to fill a bad booking weekend in 1998, but now after more than 20 years, the campfire. festival has become the single-biggest way that Passim develops new talent and celebrates the Boston area’s amazing music scene. Originally called, “On the Cutting Edge of the Campfire,” the festival combined the idea of artists sitting around the campfire playing music with our commitment to bringing new talent to discerning listeners.

Today, the campfire. festival is as much about the community as it is about the music. “In the round” performances with songwriters swapping tunes are as common as solo and band sets throughout the course of each day of the festival.  Memorial Day weekend will be fully in-person, with live sets being enjoyed in the club and the entire show also available through the live stream.

Purchase Passes

Memorial Day weekend schedule has been announced below!  Tickets are available for purchase on the right, and the livestream will be available to watch for free here over the weekend. Please consider donating to support us in continuing this biannual festival.

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