Brittany Karlson

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Brittany Karlson

Old Time Ensemble, Bluegrass Ensemble

Bassist/vocalist Brittany Karlson is an adventurous musician with roots in jazz, American old time and bluegrass, and improvised music. She has performed across the USA, Canada, and Europe in a variety of ensemble settings, including improvised trio Letter Castle and American old-time/bluegrass/Swedish string band The Goodbye Girls. Karlson performs original songs under the moniker Karl, having released debut album “Feast Day” on Lungbasket Recordings and will release upcoming album “And the Green Grass Grows all Around” in 2020. She also has a solo project involving a comedic sound puppet show from behind the bass. As a visual artist, she makes finger puppets as well as collaborates with composer Steven Long to create collage work under the name Vanitas. Karlson is an AmSAT certified Alexander Technique teacher and teaches private lessons in Jamaica Plain, Boston.

Visit her website here.

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