Artist Development

Passim nurtures artists at all stages of their career through our artist grants, interactive live musical experiences, and outreach programs. We cultivate a diverse mix of musical traditions, where the emphasis is on the relationship between performers and audience and teachers and students. Our ultimate goal is to help the performance arts flourish and thereby enrich the lives of members of our community.

Discovery Series

Through the Discovery Series, we provide a platform to connect new artists with a music-loving audience. These artists may be brand new to the club or may have performed at our campfire. festivals, but the Discovery Series features artists in a room filled with our dedicated members.

Open Mic

Passim hosts open mics predominately for music acts, but we also welcome comedy, poetry, and storytelling. These nights are the perfect opportunity for new artists to get practice performing and for established artists to test new material. Visit passim.org/openmic to sign up.

Iguana Music Fund & Gecko Fund

The Iguana Music Fund is an annual grant program predominantly funded by generous anonymous donors, plus the help of Passim, sponsorships, and community donations. Each year the Iguana Music Fund gives approximately $40,000 in grants to individual artists in the New England music community. Grants are used for projects and expenses to aid in artists' career growth, and they range from recording projects to community programs to specialized equipment or instruments.

campfire. festival

At the campfire. festival, the line between performer and audience member blurs over the course of the campfire. festival. Performers sit in the room to watch other performers, and occasionally audience members get pulled on stage. The magic of campfire. festival weekends comes from the event’s delicate mixture of talented performers coming together and inspiring one other and an excited, attentive audience.

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