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Passim Brunch is suspended until the fall. Below is a sample menu of what we have offered in the past.


  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free

House Granola | $6

Greek yogurt, nuts, berries
  • Vegetarian

Brioche French Toast | $10

vanilla egg-battered brioche w/ butter, topped with your choice of granola & berry compote OR chocolate sauce, granola, & whipped cream, served with VT maple syrup
  • Vegan

Tofu Scramble | $9

shiitake “bacon”, scallions, cherry tomato, herbs, served w/ hash browns & toast

Breakfast Scramble | $13

three eggs and your choice of fillings: cherry tomato, spinach, scallions, roasted shiitake, avocado (+$1), VT bacon, sage turkey sausage, cheddar or feta cheese, served w/ hash browns & toast
  • Vegan

Avocado Toast | $9

sliced avocado, cherry tomato, herbs

Passim Breakfast Sandwich | $11

over-easy egg, hash browns, cheddar, VT bacon, & chipotle aioli on griddled brioche bun, served w/ berries & banana

Passim Breakfast Burger | $16

Maine grass-fed beef, VT bacon, over-easy egg, VT cheddar, chipotle aioli, on griddled brioche bun, served w/ hash browns

Chaing Mai Sausage Sandwich | $15

grilled Thai sausage, cabbage slaw, cucumber on griddled brioche bun, served w/ hash browns
  • Vegetarian

3 Eggs Your Way | $9

served w/hash browns & toast
add sage turkey sausage or VT bacon $4
  • Vegetarian

Avocado Eggs Benedict | $15

poached eggs, avocado, cherry tomato, herbs, olive oil on black pepper biscuit, served w/ hash browns
  • Vegetarian

Black Bean Eggs Benedict | $15

poached eggs, black bean salsa, avocado, red pepper sauce, cilantro on black pepper biscuit, served w/ hash browns

Sides, etc

  • Vegetarian

Bangkok Street Bread | $5

griddled brioche toast with butter and sugar
  • Vegetarian

Bread | $3

white or wheat toast, black pepper biscuit, griddled english muffin
  • Gluten Free

Meats | $5

sage turkey sausage, VT bacon
  • Vegetarian

Single Egg Your Way | $2

  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free

Mixed Berries & Banana | $4

  • Vegetarian

One Slice of French Toast | $3

  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free

Hash Browns | $3

Kids Brunch

  • Vegetarian

One Egg Your Way | $7

served w/ hash browns, VT bacon, toast
  • Vegetarian

Brioche French Toast | $7

served w/ VT bacon, VT maple syrup, whipped butter
  • Vegetarian

Egg Sandwich | $5

over-easy egg & cheddar on griddled English muffin, served w/ hash browns

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Maine Root Handcrafted Sodas | $4

root beer, ginger brew, lemon lime, mexicane cola

Mem Teas | $3

HOT: lemon chamomile, mint, China jade green, earl grey, English breakfast, masala chai, crimson berry ICED: black

Equal Exchange Coffee | $3.50

HOT: regular, decaf. ICED: regular

Equal Exchange Hot Chocolate | $2.50

Boylan Seltzer | $2.75

Kaliber | $7

non-alcoholic beer

Alcoholic Drinks

  • Vegan

Cambridge Brewing Company draft beer | $7.75/pint, $28/pitcher

Amber Ale, Charles River Porter, Flower Child IPA, Great Pumpkin Ale

Bottled and Canned Beers | $varies

Lord Hobo Boom Sauce, Lord Hobo Angelica Orange, Mighty Squirrel Velvet Moon, Jack's Abby Post Shift, Jack's Abby Copper Legend, White Birch Blueberry Berlinerweiss, Narragansett Lager

Bottled and Canned Cider | $varies

Bantam Rojo, Bantam Americain, Citizen Cider Dirty Mayor, Stormalong Legendary Dry

White Wine | $8/glass, $38/bottle

Kate Arnold Sauvignon Blanc, Vino Pinot Grigio, Josh Chardonnay, Essence Riesling, Lunetta Prosecco

Rose | $8/glass, $38/bottle

La Petite Perriere

Red Wine | $8/glass, $38/bottle

Castle Rock Pinot Noir, Faustino Tempranillo Rioja, Bodini Malbec, Angeline Cabernet Sauvignon

Mixed Drinks | $8

Begonia Sangria, bellini, mimosa, Murder Ballad, Pampelonne sparkling wine cocktails

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