Abby Altman

Photo of Abby Altman

Abby Altman

Club Manager

Abby started working at Passim shortly after moving to the Boston area seven years ago.  She started in the box office of the club and soon became a performance manager.  As the manager for Club Passim, she now supervises and trains the club staff, manages many shows in the club, coordinates the campfire. and Down Home Up Here festivals, and is an extra pair of hands wherever they’re needed.  She also organizes the Iguana Music Fund.

Abby studied English Literature at Saint Mary’s College and German Language at the University of Notre Dame, which included one year at the University of Innsbruck, Austria.  She has played violin for several years, though she much prefers being at the sound board to being on the stage.  As far as she knows, she’s the second person ever to have a Passim tattoo.

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