Troll 2

Troll 2

  • Acoustic
  • Folk
  • Punk

Our story begins some time around 2011 or 2012 in a basement in Jamaica Plain, MA, but we’re not sure exactly when or how.

From somewhere in the gaps between an ill-fated acoustic doom metal band, several unfinished concept albums, and an untold number of pseudonyms scrawled onto open mic sign up sheets (each one filthier than the one before), we suddenly found ourselves in a band together, stuck with the most recent name we had decided to call ourselves by. I assure you, we never meant for any of this to happen. Still, we somehow managed to find our way, and today we play our Bluegrass Soul Punk in basements and bars across Boston and beyond, enlightening people about important social and political issues like climate justice, addiction, carpet bombings, our breakups and alien abduction, while also inspiring mirth and dance. Soon, we hope to see you out there with there with those people, laughing, learning, living, loving, lusting, loathing, looting, loitering…

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