Tiffany Williams

Tiffany Williams

  • Folk
  • Singer/Songwriter

Tiffany Williams is a native of Eastern Kentucky. She is a coal miner’s daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter and an exciting emerging voice who crafts achingly beautiful songs about what it means, in her experience, to be from the Appalachian Mountains.

“I love Appalachia as I love myself,” she says, “with an intimate understanding of its shortcomings and virtues, with compassion and forgiveness, and with fierce hope. It’s home and always will be, but, for me, it took moving away to write about it.”

When she “took off down the big road,” she ended up in Nashville, where, for the last five years, she has honed her songwriting through commercial, co-writing, and solo pursuits.

Her debut EP, When You Go, released January 18, 2019, features five tracks, all of which were penned by the artist and are a meditation on life in the mountains—a place, as echoed in the title track, that “you can’t leave […] when you go.”

“Most of these songs were recorded at Appalshop, in Letcher County, where I’m from. I’m really happy it worked out that way,” says the singer/songwriter.

The album was produced by Britton Patrick Morgan of Louisville and benefits from the fine musicianship of Ellie Miller, Taylor Shuck, and Dave Roe, who played bass on the road with Johnny Cash.

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