Shyam Nepali

Shyam Nepali

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Keeping the Tradition of Nepali Folk Music Alive

Hailing from the centuries old Gandharba musical tradition of Nepal, Shyam Nepali has enjoyed an almost 30 year long career bringing the sounds of the Sarangi to audiences around the world. Shyam has filled a very unique and important role in the Sarangi tradition of Nepal, expanding on the work of his Grandfather, Magar Gaine, and his father, Ram Sharan Nepali, legendary Sarangi players who broke new ground on the world of Sarangi playing, with their technical and artistic innovations to the instrument. Shyam’s son, Prince Nepali, is continuing the tradition of innovation and virtuosity in this beautiful tradition.

Shyam’s creative and virtuoso musicianship has allowed the traditional sound of the Sarangi to travel in new directions musically, whether it’s blending the traditional folk music of Nepal with other musical styles or paving an entirely new path with new sounds through creative musicianship and improvisation.  His virtuosity and musicianship allows him to fearlessly expand the Sarangi’s expressive capabilities with every note.

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