Rory Michelle Sullivan

Rory Michelle Sullivan

  • Folk
  • Singer/Songwriter

Listeners have called Rory Michelle Sullivan’s music “entrancing”, “most enjoyable … worshipful as well as fun” and “clever, honest, soul-bearing folk songs that transcend place, time, and circumstance and stir the imagination and tug gently but deservedly and genuinely at your heartstrings.” From upbeat anthems to intimate ballads, Rory Michelle will make you laugh, cry, and of course – sing along.

Rory Michelle has recorded four studio albums and performed internationally, including at the Morgan Park Summer Music Festival on the same stage graced by folk legends Peter Yarrow and Dar Williams. Rory Michelle and her music have been featured at festivals such as ISH, Cincinnati’s Jewish and Israeli Arts and Cultural Festival, on the Emerging Artist Showcase on Jewish Rock Radio, and in Philadelphia RowHome magazine.

Rory Michelle’s work explores relating to ourselves, others, and a spiritual Source in healthy, authentic, creative, and constructive ways. Her Jewish-themed musical endeavor, The God Album, includes fun folk, funk, rock, and swing music with songs infused, inspired, and informed by Jewish text. She is currently working on a musical. Watch the trailer, hear the music, and learn more at risinginlovethemusical.com.

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