Nate Sabat

Nate Sabat

  • Folk Rock
  • Singer/Songwriter

Nate Sabat is a bassist, vocalist, songwriter, and arranger currently based in Somerville, Massachusetts. He is a founding member of award-winning bluegrass band Mile Twelve. A native-New Yorker, he attended LaGuardia High School as a vocal principal and went on to study upright bass at the Berklee College of Music. He has performed on stages in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, The Czech Republic, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the United States.

It’s the wide variety of musical roles that he has played — bandleader, band member, sideman, chorus and orchestra member, music director, arranger — that gives him his unique musical perspective and voice. And it’s the teachers and mentors he’s learned from — Grammy-winners Latin jazz pianist Arturo O’Farill and cellist/conductor Eugene Friesen, guitar virtuoso Julian Lage and MacArthur fellow Francisco J Núñez, to name a few — that have helped him craft and hone that voice.

With his ability to pay close attention to detail and quickly internalize musical form and feeling, Nate has become an in-demand sideman both on stage and in the studio. He has worked with artists such as fiddle maestro Darol Anger, banjo legend Tony Trischka, bassist/composer Bruno Raberg, gypsy-jazz musicians Albert Bello and Oriol Saña, Canadian rock band Fish & Bird, singer-songwriter Jenny Ritter, and bluegrass band Jeff Scroggins & Colorado.

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