Mike Agranoff

Mike Agranoff

  • Folk

MIKE AGRANOFF is one of those folk performers that steadfastly defies categorization, and yet amasses stalwart fans from folk aficionados of all categories. He draws his material from sources as diverse as traditional ballads and fiddle tunes, Tin Pan Alley, contemporaries in the Folk World, and his own witty pen.

Although he does perform some original material, he considers himself more an astute singer-songfinder, priding himself in discovering the hidden gems, unknown in the larger folk world. He delivers them with a skilled hand on guitar and English concertina with an almost telepathic transmittal of the essence of the song, and occasionally sly twinkle in the eye in anticipation of some of the most horrible parodies ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting audience. A signature feature of Mikeโ€™s performances are his inclusion of some heart-stopping spoken word pieces that rivet the listener to unforgettable stories.

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