Jack Soref

Jack Soref

  • Guitar
  • Jazz

Born and raised in Madison, WI, Jack Soref has spent the last 15 years
living in Boston, where he has been one of the pillars upon which the
city’s fairly substantial Jazz Manouche music scene rests.

As a teenager, Jack began studying the guitar with Madison-based Jazz
Mandolinist and guitarist Sims Delaney-Pothoff. Jack became captivated
by the music of Django Reinhardt after attending the International
Django Reinhardt festival in Samois-sur-Seine France in 2002. After high
school, he attended the Berklee College of Music, where Jack received
his Bachelor’s degree in 2007. In 2011 Jack spent half of the year
living in Paris France, where he could study the music of Django
Reinhardt at its source. In 2013 Jack joined the group Ameranouche whom
he toured and recorded with for the next five years. In 2018 Jack
recorded an album of original music ‘Rain on the Terrace’. He can
currently be heard performing with many wonderful musicians from all
over the Massachusetts music scene.

Jack has performed at jazz clubs, restaurants, concert halls, and
festival stages all over the USA as well as internationally on stages in
France, Canada, and Scotland. His guitar playing has been heard on radio
shows such as NPR’s ‘Here and Now’, NPR’s ‘Says You’, Lost Highway on
WMBR, WZBC’s Sunday Morning Country with Cousin Kate, as well as PRI and
BBC’s Internationally distributed radio show ‘The World’.

He has performed in concert with Jazz Manouche luminaries like
Violinists: Jason Anick, Tim Kliphius, and Ben Powell and Guitarists:
Adrien Moignard, Gonzalo Bergara, Aurélien Bouly, Olli Soikkeli, Titi
Bamberger, Max O’Rourke, Henry Acker and Joscho Stephan.

Jack has been a guitar instructor at Django in June’s week long Jazz
Manouche music Camp in  Northampton since 2009.

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