Fern Maddie

Fern Maddie

  • Folk
  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Trad

fern maddie is a banjoist, singer- songwriter, and storyteller exploring the intersections of traditional music, sacred ecology, and ancestral story keeping. Living off-the-grid with the landscapes of Northern Vermont (N’Dakinna), immersed in the study of old folklore and ecological rhythms, fern is inspired to create songs, stories, interactive art pieces, and multimedia performances in honor of the land, the ancestors, and all those dedicated to the rebirthing of regenerative culture.

fern was raised in a family of artists, musicians, and makers, and mentored by her composer-pianist father, Mark. As a teenager, she fell in love with the folk music of Ireland and the British Isles. After playing fiddle for several years, fern picked up the banjo and has been in love ever since, diving deep into the Old-Time tradition as well as experimenting and writing her own songs. After her father’s untimely death, fern felt a deeper call to pursue music and continue living out his passion for songwriting and performance.

Blending this passion for music and folk culture with a deep love for the natural world and an interest in earth-based ceremony, fern crafts one-of-a-kind live experiences merging history, geography, folklore, ritual, ecology, and music.

fern feels it is important to give acknowledgement to the ancestors and lineage-keepers of the banjo: the West African peoples who brought the banjo to America and kept its music alive through the trials of enslavement, as well as their descendants. fern also acknowledges and gives gratitude to the indigenous people of the land she lives on – the Abenaki of the Dawnland.

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