2nd Shift Music Series

2nd Shift Music Series

The Folk Collective: Songs for Earth & Humanity
2nd Shift Music Series at Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation
154 Moody St, Waltham, MA
Thursday, April 25th, 8pm

The Club Passim Folk Collective proudly presents “The Folk Collective: Songs for Earth and Humanityโ€, a transformative evening of music dedicated to honoring Mother Earth and fostering a sense of community as we unite in taking care of our planet and one another for the generations to come. Through the universal language of music, The Folk Collective aims to amplify the voices of change, celebrate our beautiful home, and advocate for a world where sustainability and equity thrive in harmony.

The concert will feature individual and collaborative performances from Anju Madhok, Maxfield Anderson, Lydia Harrell, Alastair Moock, Stephanie McKay, Kim Moberg, and Gabriella Simpkins.

Curated by musician Mark Erelli, the 2nd SHIFT Music Series features a wide array of performers from a variety of genres, including roots, rock, blues, and folk. While the musicians appearing in the series come from diverse backgrounds, each in some way reflects the innovative, exploratory American spirit that the Museum celebrates.

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