Leland Martin

Leland Martin

  • Fiddle

Leland has been playing various styles of traditional fiddle music for over 2 decades. He’s played and judged competitively, well-respected as a session musician with a wealth of tunes, and even written a few tunes himself.

About the album: “The title “Moonlighter” is working two-fold: both in the literal sense–musician is not my main occupation–and in the metaphorical sense as it relates to my musical style. My playing has been influenced by many traditional (and non-traditional) musicians and genres, and so I find myself moonlighting between styles rather than firmly rooted in one or the other. My goal with the album is to give you a genuine sense of my musical style, both in my playing and compositions.  In this project, I’m joined by artists Conor Hearn, McKinley James, Neil Pearlman, and Katie McNally—who also produced the album. The tracks will feature both traditional and contemporary tunes, as well as a few of my own compositions. I’m very excited to finally be releasing some music of my own, and I hope you will look forward to it as well!”

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