Gecko Fund

The Gecko Fund is a new grant program founded in 2023 to support creative narrative works in the New England music community, granting $5,000 to one artist annually.  The goal of this program is to support artists early in their career in their aspirations to create a body of musical work that is linked through a narrative arc.  This work need not fit into a specific genre, nor does it require singing to achieve this goal, but the narrative arc needs to be apparent.  This grant was inspired by great works such as Anaïs Mitchell‘s folk opera Hadestown and Louise Bichan‘s album Out of My Own Light featuring stories from her grandmother’s diary.

Applications will be accepted from September 1st – October 7th, running alongside submissions for the Iguana Music Fund.

apply here

This grant is funded by Steven & Cindy Chao and established in honor of Steve’s late sister Caroline Chao.  Caroline was passionate about musical theater, worked extensively as a lighting designer on Broadway and at the Santa Fe Opera, and passed away in 2019 from an aggressive cancer.

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