Folk Unlocked showcases

Thank you to everyone for making last week’s Folk Unlocked conference such a huge success!  Usually an annual folk music business conference organized by Folk Alliance International, this year they produced an all-virtual conference called Folk Unlocked.  From the networking to all the various concerts, showcases and events, we have taken away countless forms of inspiration and gratitude for the global Folk community.  Throughout such a challenging year, it is undeniably clear to us here at Passim that our friends and allies in the Folk world will come out of this as strong as ever ready to keep the music alive and thriving!

Below you can watch all four nights of showcases presented at the Folk Unlocked conference by Passim.

Feb 22nd
María & Galen
Isa Burke
Naomi Westwater
Sadie Gustafson-Zook
Singer & the Songwriter
Monique Clare
Nigel Wearne

Feb 23rd
Lake Saint Daniel
Rachel Sumner
Mercedes Escobar
Gabriella Simpkins
Moscow Apartment
Dinty Child
Violet Bell
Kaiti Jones

Feb 24th
Anaís Azul
Treya Lam
Grace Givertz
Ava Earl
Charles Overton & Julian Loida
Marcus Santos
Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne

Feb 25th
Nic Gareiss
Doctora Xingona (Diana Alvarez)
Rosemere Road
Louis Apollon
Oshima Brothers
Alisa Amador

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