Zoe Levitt

Zoe Levitt

  • Bluegrass
  • Folk
  • Singer/Songwriter

Zoe Levitt is an Americana singer/songwriter and mandolinist currently based in Kathmandu. Her direct and powerful songs span from everyday life occurrences to personal struggles and social justice issues. With her haunting yet bittersweet voice, reminiscent of Natalie Merchant and Joni Mitchell, Zoe delivers lyrics of hope and resilience accompanied by gorgeous melodies. Zoe has spent the past year immersing herself in Nepali folk music and leading several collaborations fusing Nepali and American folk music.

Zoe grew up playing bluegrass with her father in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She graduated with a degree in geology from MIT and moved to Nepal to pursue music. After connecting over their shared love of folk music, Zoe and the accomplished sarangi player Prince Nepali formed the band Manaslu Blue in fall 2022. With their crowd-rousing energy and spontaneity the band creates innovative arrangements reinterpreting traditional folk tunes.

Zoe has performed at the Nepali folk festival Echoes in the Valley (with Ama Yangri), Nirbhaya’s Women in Concert (with The Nightbirds), and was featured at Namlo Music Hub’s Heritage & Music Festival (with Manaslu Blue). She has also played with established Nepali bands including Kutumba, Kanta dAb dAb and Shyam Nepali & Friends. In Boston she has performed solo and with the band Pretty Saro at many venues including the storied folk venue Club Passim.

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