Wheezer & Squeezer

Wheezer & Squeezer

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Jeremiah McLane and Timothy Cummings are a high-powered, one-of-a-kind, Vermont-based duo who share music rooted in the traditional dance repertoire of Northwestern Europe.  Masters of the piano accordion and quieter, bellows-blown bagpipes, they create a beguiling, and at times orchestral, blend which utterly subverts the common stereotypes of their Old World instruments.  McLane and Cummings —affectionately nicknamed “Wheezer & Squeezer”— most often draw from an ‘Auld Alliance’ repertoire that includes bourrées from central France, the hanter dro from Brittany, triple-time hornpipes from the Scottish Border region, and compelling originals reflecting these influences.

In 2017 Alex Kehler joined them as a guest collaborator, adding a plethora of strings to this reedy duo.  Hailing from the Eastern Townships of Québec, Alex deepens the French connection to their ‘Auld Alliance’, as well as introducing Scandinavian flare with fiddle, Swedish nyckelharpa, and låtmandola.  His addition prompted Wheezer & Squeezer to coin a nickname for him: Plink!

As a trio, their performances are unified by their zeal and musical craftsmanship, and punctuated with brief commentary on the music and their instruments.  Whatever you call them, this rare, captivating trio inspires both feet and spirits to dance, and is simply not to be missed.

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