Wandering Laughter

Wandering Laughter

  • Folk
  • Klezmer
  • Trad

Klezmer trio Wandering Laughter is a lively collaboration between cellist Taiward Wider, fiddler Cecilia Vacanti, and accordionist Alex Lacava.  Based in the city of Boston, all three attended Berklee College of Music. There, the three of them were active in the American Roots Music Program playing numerous folk traditions including Old Time and Appalachian fiddle, Celtic, Bluegrass, New England fiddle, ragtime, gypsy jazz and of course, Klezmer.

You may hear instrumentals from a dance music tradition or songs from Yiddish theater or folk songs of Russia and Eastern Europe. Wandering Laughter plays music that is by turns heartfelt, soulful and invigorating. With tight harmonies, warm and inviting vocals, and sharp arrangements, they strike a balance between replicating traditional sounds and adding a modern twist. Just a few Yiddish troubadours spreading mazl (luck), freyd (joy), and of course gelekhter (laughter).

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