Visiting Wine

Visiting Wine

  • Acoustic
  • Folk Rock

Lindsey Sampson, Greg Daigle, and Jim McCann are musicians and songwriters from the Boston area who team up to create the band Visiting Wine. They blend smooth harmonies with Southern stomp and holler for a sound with depth and energy.

Greg and Lindsey started making music together in spring 2017, song by song, just for fun. Some they released immediately, some they released months later just to friends and family, some they never released at all. They were both songwriters playing solo around Boston – they started playing shows together and spending hours and hours in Greg’s home studio. Their creative voices and twisted senses of humor complimented each other’s to a point at which they decided, we have no choice but to be in a band together.

They released their debut album, Visiting Wine, in July 2018. It mixes tight harmonies with Southern stomp & holler for a sound with depth and energy. Their music marries a wide variety of music influences, from the intertwining harmonies of early church music to the rhythm-forward influences of heavy metal. As Greg describes, “now we’re just metal guitarists with acoustic instruments.”

They celebrated the release of the album with a sold out show at the Burren in Cambridge. After the release, they have been performing around New England and continue to create new music for release in 2019.

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