Two Crows for Comfort

Two Crows for Comfort

  • Americana
  • Folk
  • Roots

Two Crows for Comfort – a duo that had no intentions of playing anything more than an open mic here and there, and went by a different name anytime they hit the stage. Fast forward a few years and Two Crows (Erin Corbin and Cory Sulyma) have unintentionally created something that seems to work.

In December 2018 the duo released their debut full-length album, ‘17 Feet’, and continued playing shows to get through the harsh prairie winter. As summer arrived, so did festival season which meant the Crows couldn’t let the momentum fade. They could be caught at festivals around Manitoba and North West Ontario and even scored opportunities to open for some of the greats, including Ani Di Franco, Bruce Cockburn and Pokey Lafarge. Still not letting up, they left home and took to the road for their first tour of Western Canada.

Back from tour, the duo was welcomed home as the Roots Artist of the Year at the 2019 Manitoba Country Music Awards (an award they took home again in 2021).

They hit the road again in early 2020 making stops throughout Ontario and Quebec before they hunkered down during the pandemic to record their second album ‘Show Me Light’, which was released on March 25, 2021.

With the pandemic finally seeming to be in the rearview mirror, Two Crows took to the road once again – this time permanently. Marrying their passions for travel and music, they now live in their 20 foot camper with their pup, Elliot, playing countless shows across Canada and the US.

The duo is hard at work on their third album, but in the meantime you can find Two Crows for Comfort’s second album, ‘Show Me Light’ on all streaming platforms and Vinyl and CD copies are available for purchase at their live show.

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