The Wildmans

The Wildmans

  • Bluegrass
  • Roots

The Wildmans are a brother sister led band bringing an eclectic, energetic and captivating live performance that is deeply rooted in the Appalachian American and old-time, country music tradition. The Wildmans expand on these roots with dynamic improvisational interludes and original songs, written by the band and friends of the area. Sing songs featuring brother sister “blood” harmonies.

Growing up in and basing out of the small one stoplight town of Floyd, Virginia, located in the heart of Appalachia. The Wildmans represent Appalachian American culture not only through their music, but through their upbringing and love for this region’s lifestyle and influence on all American music.

From campsite jamming at festivals and fiddler’s conventions and a Berklee College of Music education comes the foundation for musical exploration that sets this group apart, taking the audience on a musical journey that reflects the growth and passion of these talented musicians.

The Wildmans have appeared on stages large and small, including an extensive list of music festivals along the east coast, midwest, Wyoming and Colorado. Appearing on stages with artists such as, Bela Fleck, The Steep Canyon Rangers, Oliver Wood, Sierra Ferrell, The Steel Wheels, Sammy Shelor, Sierra Hull, Billy Strings, and more.

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