The Rough & Tumble

The Rough & Tumble

  • Americana
  • Folk

The Rough & Tumble used to say that they “used to say they were from Nashville, TN.”  But nearing the end of their third year on the road full time with their original rescue tour dog, Butter, and her kid sister, Puddle, who was picked up along the way in Alabama, it’s hard to say if they are from anywhere at all.

Pennsylvania-born Mallory Graham and California-born Scott Tyler have lived in their 16’ camper since 2015, making tire tracks nationwide since 2011 as a folk-Americana duo.  Their history goes back as far as New England in the fall of 2007 and as close as going from friends to bandmates to married bandmates.  The story is as linear and circular as any, but one thing stands out:  Their home is the road.  But also, it’s not.

With the release of their first full length record, We Made Ourselves a Home When We Didn’t Know (2018), the folk-Americana duo retraces their mileage back to their footsteps and explores the struggle between going home and being home already when there’s no other home and everywhere is home.  Recorded in East Nashville with Dave Coleman, The Rough & Tumble invited a couple of musician friends from their sad-singer-songwriter and rock-n-roll-rebel days to accompany them on a portrait of what has happened so far, and what they hope is still to come.

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