The King’s Busketeers

The King’s Busketeers

  • Folk
  • Trad

The King’s Busketeers are a high-octane folk & traditional band that began in the shady forest of King Richard’s Faire in Carver, MA sometime in Fall of 2012. Sam and Andy met there and began playing together and amusing the patrons, and the following year Josh was inducted. The trio roamed the groves and shopfronts for a time, and grew to some popularity.

Since then, TKB have been rousing and entertaining the kindly citizens of Massachusetts and Rhode Island with hearty, soulful, traditional tunes alongside wistful ballads, whimsical ditties about double homicides, and a sprinkling of rollicking originals. Always energetic and full of equal parts talent and sparking chemistry, there’s never a dull moment when the Busketeers are out in force.

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