The Ammonium Maze

The Ammonium Maze

The Ammonium Maze was created in 2021 by Percy Hill songwriters Aaron Z. Katz, Tom Powley and bass player Jon Hawes. The Ammonium Maze continues the legacy of Percy Hill in a brand new light by performing almost entirely on acoustic instruments.

Started on the campus of UNH in 1994, Percy Hill became a household name on the Jamband scene. Referred to as the scenes answer to artists such as Steely Dan, Sting, Paul Simon and Stevie Wonder, Percy Hill took home the Jammy award in 2001 for Album of the year. The album Color in Bloom is highly regarded today as one of the greatest jamband studio albums of all time. The band toured nationally for years selling out venues from sea to sea.

After Percy Hill parted ways The Ammonium Maze was created to keep the fire burning. An Ammonium Maze show brings the listener to the bare bones and heart of the material by focusing on the songs and voices.

Aaron, Tom, and Jon have recruited veteran musicians Sarah Blacker, Dave Brunyak, Chris Sink, and Danielle Lovasco to help bring this brand new vision of classic Percy Hill material to life. The band also performs new material and plans to enter the recording studio soon.

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