Shan Kam

Shan Kam

When Shan graces the stage, radiant energy emanates from her dynamic performances. “She is the light, the sun of stage.” With deep, poetic lyrics to match her substantial jazz/rock-inspired arrangements, it’s no wonder why she is called “Shan, the Shine.”

Born and raised in an artistic family from China, Shan was exposed to art at a very young age. She learned to play the Chinese traditional instrument erhu before she started to play the piano at the age of five. Her classical training laid the solid foundation for developing her overall technique. Influenced heavily by British rock music and jazz in her teenage years, she started to draw inspirations from the giants before her, from Radiohead to Bach, and Frank Zappa to Charlie Parker. She has become the tailor of these two styles of music, weaving from her contemplations in life. She writes for motivation to spark change, to empower every individual to think.

“My music now showcases strength and power. I want to transmit energy to people with my music, like thunderbolts that travel into others.”

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