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Songs from the American traditions, dronally reimagined by this group of freewheeling improvisers including but not limted to: Warren Senders, Junko Fujiwara, Vijaya Sundaram and lloyd Thayer.

Warren Senders’ long experience as a Hindustani vocalist transforms the group’s renditions of American song material into entirely new experiences.

Cellist Junko Fujiwara has been performing and advocating innovations in contemporary and improvised music while teaching and maintaining Western classical and jazz traditions over a span of nearly thirty years.

Vijaya Sundaram is a musician and composer with decades of experience as a singer, sitarist, guitarist and songwriter. As a voice actor her poetry readings have been featured on Public Radio International. A former public school teacher and current college professor, she is currently active in Boston-area theatrical and musical performances, including the Christmas Revels,Apollinaire Theater and Bridge Repertory Company.

Lloyd Thayer is an International Noise Merchant who plays Dobro, but will also attempt anything with strings on it. He is also a hermetic underground legend in the place where such things are archived.

Featuring originals and songs by Pete Seeger, Ornette Coleman, Harold Arlen, Bob Dylan, Hoagy Carmichael, and others.

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