Sam Shackleton

Sam Shackleton

  • Celtic
  • Folk
  • Singer/Songwriter

Sam Shackleton, also known by his Gaelic moniker, Sorley the Bard, is a Scottish singer-songwriter and folk artist.

His music is greatly inspired by the rich inter-connected musical oral traditions of Scotland, Ireland, and the United States. Strongly influenced by the 1960’s folk revival, his unique sound is a mix of country, old time, traditional, folk, and blues with a Scottish spirit. He was born in Stirling and raised all over Scotland, from the Borders to the Highlands and his music is deeply inspired by the oral tradition, musical culture, and landscapes of Scotland.

Sam also holds a research masters degree with distinction in Scottish Ethnology from the renowned academic folk music institution, the School of Scottish Studies, specialising in folklore and ethnomusicology. He spends his days writing, performing, and busking across the world, sharing his unique and authentic musical style through his own writing and interpretation of the folk traditions, songs, and ballads that came before him. He views all of his music as part of the carrying stream of folk tradition.

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