Ruth Theodore

Ruth Theodore

  • Alt Folk

‘Original folk voice’ Ruth Theodore, has carved out a sound that is instantly recognizable. Her ability to write on any issue from her own bi-sexuality, to politics, astronomy, and even land rights with a sense of timelessness makes her a truly exciting and relevant contemporary artist whose full discography is filed in the British Library sound archives for its ‘interesting nature and originality’.

Ruth’s broad and ambitious creative visions have led to her co-producing in the USA alongside multi-award winning US producer and long time collaborator Todd Sickafoose (Ani Difranco/Anais Mitchell), Swiss-American percussionist Mathias Kunzli (Regina Spektor / Lauren Hill) and Eli Crews (Tune Yards).

‘Having received critical acclaim for her four outstanding and unique records’ there is a brand new studio album on the brink of release!

Living in squats, boats, pubs, abandoned warehouses, busking in high street doorways, sleeping for 2 years under a workbench, and overcoming cancer, have all been a part of Ruth’s creative journey. These life experiences bring a warmth and depth of perspective to Ruth’s lyrics that are particular to her disarming writing style.

Described as *’one of the most exciting, original, and under-rated artists in the UK’. Ruth has gained the support of some impressive contemporary creative allies from around the world, appearing as special guest for US folk icon Ani DiFranco, performing with Dar Williams, Nick Harper, Jeff Lang, Rory McLeod, Chastity Brown and Hamell On Trial.

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