Ruby Mack

Ruby Mack

  • Americana
  • Folk

Ruby Mack (formerly Emma June Band) was founded on the tenets of friendship. Grounded in their New England roots, their name references a sweet and tart apple——radiantly passionate, and fiery red. Ruby Mack encapsulates both the band’s unapologetic existence and simultaneous commitment to vulnerability and softness.

Comprised of Abbie Duquette on the fretless uke bass, Zoe Young on vocals and guitar, Abby Kahler on vocals and fiddle, and Emma Ayres on vocals and guitar, the band is notorious for their humorous banter, theatrical antics, and energized presence. Inspired by Americana traditions, these four songstresses are rough around the edges with their unabashed harmonies, and pictorial lyricism. As a wise woman in Nashville once said to them: “You deserve what you want.” They want this.

Vocals, Guitar / Emma Ayres
Bass, Vocals / Abbie Duquette
Vocals, Guitar / Zoe Young
Fiddle, Vocals / Abby Kahler

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