Rob Pagnano

Rob Pagnano

  • Folk
  • Singer/Songwriter

Rob Pagnano is a self-taught musician and recording artist from Boston. In fact, he never even picked up an instrument until a horrible accident left him with a broken back at age 26. He’s had multiple surgeries, making many trips to the spinal surgeon. Over 2000 shows and several awards later (including the 2016 Limelight Magazine Male Vocalist of the Year), Rob has never felt better.

Rob’s always had a passion for music, but it is his insane work ethic and belief in himself that set his career in motion. He is known for his unique tone and wide vocal range. His lyrics are filled with emotion that pulls you in and connects you to every word.

Each year, he crosses off more and more predictions from his list (he even predicted he’d win a Grammy over 10 years ago). Rob has achieved more than he could ever imagine in the past decade. But he’s not content on stopping here. Rob’s journey is one of heartbreak, inspiration, and perseverance. And it’s only just the beginning.

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