Pretty Saro

Pretty Saro

  • Americana
  • Bluegrass
  • Contemporary

Playing songs both new and old, Pretty Saro burst into New England Bluegrass scene in 2016. Since then the group has been honing in on their love for traditional music and contemporary songwriting. Dynamic arrangements and high energy performances take the listener on a journey through their personal experiences. Devon Gardner (Fiddle), Alex Formento (Guitar), and Joe Everrett (Bass) bring together their wide array of musical backgrounds to create a sound that builds on the foundation made by the heros who came before them.

The band has appeared on the stages of Grey Fox, Ossissipee Valley Music Festival, Freshgrass, Joe Val Bluegrass Festival, and many more. They frequently play all around the New England area at places like Club Passim, The Burren, Nick-a-Nees, Zenbarn, and other lovely venues as well.

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