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Toronto’s Polky, led by multi-talented female musicians, delights audiences with joyful vocal harmonies, unusual instruments, and upbeat performances. Drawing deep inspiration from Poland’s rich cultural tapestry, they push musical boundaries by fearlessly blending Polish traditional music with sounds and rhythms from across the globe, carving out a niche entirely their own. With their infectious charm, captivating performances, and unyielding passion for exploration, Polky is undoubtedly a band that stands apart. Their music is not just a sonic experience but a celebration of cultural diversity, women empowerment, an invitation to revel in the joy of life, and a reminder that, deep down, we are all connected by the power of music.

Polky stands out for its distinctive elements, including the mesmerizing traditional vocals and incorporation of the ‘suka,’ an ancient lap fiddle reconstructed from historical paintings. Marta Solek, an accomplished suka virtuoso, has performed alongside esteemed Polish artists like Same Suki, Maria Pomianowska, and Nikola Kołodziejczyk. Furthermore, the lead vocalist, Ewelina Ferenc, earned the prestigious title of Traditional Singer of The Year at the 2022 Canadian Folk Music Awards. Through their performances, Polky introduces Polish culture to North American audiences, embodying the role of cultural ambassadors for Polish modern traditions.

The band had a vibrant series of performances across diverse venues, including the Danforth Music Hall, where they opened for Lemon Bucket Orkestra and Boogát. They also graced the stages of the Aga Khan Museum, Polish and Ukrainian Festivals, Summerfolk Festival, Ashkenaz Festival, Memoires et Racines Festival, Sunfest Festival, Vancouver Island Music Fest, Regina Folk Festival, while being recognized as official showcasing artists at Folk Music Ontario, Folk Alliance International, and Mundial Montreal, effectively promoting Polish and Eastern European folk traditions. Their EP, titled “Immigration” (2018), drew inspiration from various sources, such as Polish traditional music hailing from the Mazovia region and Polish mountains and themes of immigration to Canada. Interestingly, even Led Zeppelin played a role in their creative influences.

Their debut album, Songs From Home (2020), received praise from Songlines Magazine for its captivatingly dynamic essence, encapsulating the spirit of the multicultural city of Toronto and reflecting the band’s deep-rooted Polish heritage. Notably, this album’s excellence led to its nomination in three categories at the Canadian Folk Music Awards 2022, ultimately clinching the Traditional Singer of The Year Award for the talented Ewelina Ferenc.

Ewelina Ferenc – lead vocal, percussion
Ekaterina – vocals
Marta Sołek – Polish knee fiddles
Peter Klaassen – upright bass
Sam Clark – fiddle
Max Senitt – drums

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