Philip B. Price

Philip B. Price

  • Folk Pop
  • Singer/Songwriter

Philip B. Price is best known as the lead singer and songwriter behind the New England-based melancholic folk/pop band Winterpills, but his resumé stretches back into the late 80s and draws on minimalist/jagged art-rock, bedroom lo-fi pop, power pop, 70’s singer-songwriter and Brit folk.

Price’s early years in music were spent partly in collaboration with electronic musician and college cohort Antony Widoff (AKA NoA) who worked for years with David Bowie, U2, David Torn and others.

Post-Bennington, with Widoff, he formed the upstate NY art-rock quartet Memorial Garage (1986-1989). After recording and self-releasing 2 albums (self-titled and Mootland) and a 22 song live album, the band split in 1989.

Price then retreated into his 4-track home studio where over the next 6 years he self-released 8 albums of diverse and often devastatingly emotional and raw pop-rock.

Now relocated to New Hampshire, in 1992, bassist and fan Max Germer (The Fawns, Gentle Hen) approached Price about forming a band based largely on this raw material, and The Maggies were born. The band endured several line-up changes, but between 1993 and 2002 released 8 albums and 2 EPs of harmonic, inspired power pop and became regional stalwarts, eventually signing to Jerry Harrison’s short-lived label (GarageBand Records) and releasing one album on it (Robot Stories).

Post-Maggies, Price released two more solo albums (13 Songs For Right Now in 2002, and Honey In The Chemicals in 2003, both on Brooklyn-based Listen Here! Records) and toured extensively behind them (with John Wesley Harding and others) until the Winterpills came together in late 2003 with Flora Reed, Dennis Crommett and Dave Hower.

The band signed to Signature Sounds in 2004, have released 7 critically lauded albums and toured extensively. The band has made it onto MOJOs Top Ten lists and their songs have been featured on many TV shows, including Showtime’s Weeds, NBC’s Grey’s Anatomy.

In 2018, Philip released of a huge amount of his wide-ranging back-catalog solo material (12 albums total) in preparation for an all-new solo album in fall of 2019,Bone Almanac, his first solo project since 2004.

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