Pesky J Nixon

Pesky J Nixon

  • Americana
  • Indie

Bombastic yet brilliant, these folks from New England exude a genuine musical authenticity and mirth on stages up and down the East Coast. Drawing influences from contemporary urban balladeers, rowdy southern bluegrass, and the sardonic yet wry wit of New England’s localized folk scenes, Pesky J. Nixon (PJN) creates an atmosphere both inviting and challenging for audiences.

Compelling harmonies and narratives rein in disparate instrumentation including- zydeco style accordion, virtuosic mandolin, a variety of tribal percussion, and a myriad of string instrumentation. With rich harmonies and musical versatility PJN brings a unique brand of infectious energy and stage banter to every stage they grace. At times putting on a show that borders on brotherly bickering these boys specialize on bringing the audience into their world, songs, and stories.

The band’s new album “Red Ducks” serves as a serenade to their roots in the Folk scene with unique approaches to covering songs from the bands local friends and some of their musical icons.  The record is currently in the top 10 Roots Music Chart earning praise both domestically and internationally.

Released in 2010, the band’s first studio album, Monkey Business & Mislaid Hopes, was consistently listed among the top records in the industry. Darius Rips, from the folk publication Oliver di Place describes the album as “…songs of partings, taken with the best possible grace”. Kerrville New Folk Winner RJ Cowdery says of the band “Sweet Jesus! You guys can play on. Want to hear me some more PJN!”

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