Nedelka Prescod

Nedelka Prescod

  • Vocal

NEDELKA F. PRESCOD is a vocalist, arranger, songwriter/composer, teacher, and a mother. NEDELKA has performed or shared the stage with such living legends as Kenny Garrett, Danilo Perez, Fred Hersch, Jason Moran, Jowee Omicil, and with the Omar Thomas Large Ensemble. NEDELKA can be found on the recording projects of, and has recorded with, Kenny Garrett, Danilo Perez, Marcello Pellitteri, Jowee Omicil, up and coming hip hop artist, Radamiz, as well as her independently released solo recording project, Manifest (2008) and her recently released single, “The Light”,available on Bandcamp. NEDELKA has performed backing vocals for Alicia Keys, Jonathan Nelson, Jason Nelson and Dorothy Norwood. NEDELKA is also a former longtime member and mezzo soprano/contralto soloist of the recently dissolved, Roy A. Prescod Chorale, a community ensemble committed to presenting lesser known oratorios to the local community and throughout the Caribbean and Central America.

As an independent solo artist, NEDELKA has performed domestically and internationally in various genres. Her preference is the art of beautifully singing any song. As a young activist (1990’s), NEDELKA, founded and worked with the Progression Community Youth Choir in Brooklyn, NY desiring to offer youth an outlet and opportunity to explore and further their musical interests while addressing local and current issues. In 2008, NEDELKA co-founded and is still the artistic director of Conscious Uprising, an endeavor dedicated to elevating social consciousness and serving the community through the arts. Currently, NEDELKA thoroughly enjoys creating uniquely-crafted, socially-conscious performances that she shares with the community, believing that artists have the responsibility and power to bring awareness and positive change to their times.

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