My Mother’s Moustache

My Mother’s Moustache

  • Americana
  • Folk Rock

Vermont based, Massachusetts raised singer-songwriter Joe Sabourin has been releasing music under the moniker My Mother’s Moustache for over three years. Sabourin mixes a dynamic and precise approach to the guitar with emotional, experience-driven lyrics.

Drawing from a well of musical experiences that includes performing Folk, Bluegrass, Americana, and Celtic music, he conjures up a sound that you think you’ve heard, but never experienced quite like this: a fusion of Folk music and any other genre that comes knocking. The band’s new music drives Sabourin’s writing deeper and deeper into his songwriting roots, pushing the delicate balance between instruments and voices to the forefront. Ian Koeller and Chris Tranten round out the troupe, both lending their knack for supporting the song. All three members of the band show that the song is most important, but are also more than competent to step out a little bit when the time is right.

Whether solo, duo, or with a full band the focus is always on the creation of a sonic atmosphere where songs can grow and transform based on the moment, mood, or room, so the music takes on a new edge each time it is performed.

Joe Sabourin / Guitar and Vocals
Chris Tranten / Bass
Ian Koeller / Drums and Percussion

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