Music of Turkish Women Composers

Music of Turkish Women Composers

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The 500 year old Ottoman music tradition owes a lot to the contribution of women composers, performers and teachers of Turkish music and with their project Music of Turkish-Ottoman Women Composers, these musicians aim to shed light to the composers works of art, and present this unique genre of music with its traditional instruments. Oldest documentations and illustrations which have survived  from the Ottoman period until now of women performing music are from the 16th century. Studying works of women composers help us understand the Ottoman tradition in a historical and musical context, and also the place of women in the music of Turkey, from then up until now.

Ceren Turkmenoglu – Violin, Rebab, Bendir, Voice
Volkan Efe – Oud, Ney, Kemence, Voice
Michael Harrist – Yayli Tanbur, Bendir, Double Bass
Tev Stevig – Tanbur, Saz, Oud

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