Mike Powell

Mike Powell

  • Folk
  • Singer/Songwriter

Mike Powell’s story is always new and always just beginning. He’s a fearless free thinker with a strong passion for storytelling and an unbreakable dedication to his maverick way of life. It’s in this constant personal evolution and exploration where he finds his lyrical depth and the messages he aims to send to his listeners.  His songs may not make you want to dance but they will surely make you feel.

His live performances are best described as real. Powell is a modern day folk singer with a gift for turning a phrase and a powerfully soulful voice.  He presents himself and his songs with an open-chested honesty and authentic conviction that makes it impossible not to believe. With a vividly descriptive verse styling and a universal chorus structure, his songs are specific yet accessible.

His songwriting has garnered international attention through his involvement with the Acoutsic Guitar Project and has received airplay on Sirius XM radio.  He is a spontaneous performer with the rare ability to make his audience laugh, cry and always leave inspired.

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