Maura Shawn Scanlin

Maura Shawn Scanlin

  • Celtic
  • Fiddle

Boston-based fiddle player and songwriter Maura Shawn Scanlin is gaining notoriety among the Celtic and Acoustic music scenes across the country. Her playing, hailed for its inventiveness, fluidity, and tone, brings together influences from Ireland, Scotland, and the American South, where she grew up. Touring actively with her duo Rakish and string quartet Rasa String Quartet, Maura has also shared the stage with many cornerstone musicians in the folk music world including Seamus Egan, Maeve Gilchrist, Hanneke Cassel, and Judy Collins. Maura is a 2-time U.S. National Scottish Fiddle Champion, a Glenfiddich Fiddle Champion, and is touring for the first time under her own name, following the release of her debut full-length solo album, released in May 2023. Her band features Conor Hearn on guitar (Rakish), Adam Hendey on bouzouki (The Fire), and Julian Pinelli on fiddle (Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band, The Foreign Landers).

Maura plays an 1872 violin by Asa White, and a Francois Lotte bow.

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