Louisa Stancioff

Louisa Stancioff

  • Indie Folk
  • Singer/Songwriter

Born and raised in rural Maine, Louisa has emerged as a gifted writer with a cinematic eye for richly detailed, emotionally-charged character studies that grapple with the complexities of loneliness and desire, freedom and regret, guilt and forgiveness. A nomadic soul who spent stints living in Alaska, California, New York, and North Carolina before returning home, she grew up learning traditional Bulgarian music from her paternal grandfather’s side of the family and reveled in singing American folk and roots tunes with her friends.

Louisa has toured extensively, playing shows with Izaak Opatz, Indigo de Souza, The Dead Tongues, Darlingside, Micaela Davis, Pokey Lafarge and many more. She will be on tour this winter with Eliza Edens and Molly Parden.

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