Little Suns

Little Suns

  • Folk

Zero was conceived in an old farmhouse in the heart of the Canadian Appalachians. The concept was a seed planted for what would become an equally destructive and regenerative process for LITTLE SUNS and band leader John Aaron Cockburn.

Midway through the process their record label decided to withdraw support for the album and the band subsequently branched off – Cockburn sought refuge in yurt and later a converted school bus on Salt Spring Island while the rest of the band dispersed to Ottawa, Montreal, and New York City. After a year long period of rejuvenation and reflection, Cockburn and drummer Liam Smith reunited in 2015 and raised enough money to build their own production studio. It took two more years of self-learning, overcoming a knee injury, and sojourns to India for Cockburn to announce the release of their newest EP Zero.

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