Lisa Bastoni

Lisa Bastoni

  • Folk
  • Singer/Songwriter

Lisa Bastoni is a genuine artist.  Her articulate songs come from the soul, and resonate in the heart.  She debuted her new album and a few other gorgeous songs last night with her producer, consummate musician Sean Staples.  How We Want To Live is a deep and powerful album, and an affirmation of her triumph in the 2019 Kerrville New Folk Festival contest.  When you hear Lisa perform, you can’t help but draw a parallel between her songs and those of another New England treasure, Lori McKenna.  Bastoni masters the same narrative beauty and poignancy in her compositions, and similarly balances demands of motherhood and career gracefully.  The song, “Beautiful Girl,“ written for her daughter, is reflective of that — and Lisa Bastoni herself.

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