Kristen Merlin

Kristen Merlin

  • Singer/Songwriter

Kristen Merlin has always been in love with music. From a very young age she began singing and her love for performance has been a driving force throughout the course of her music career.

Kristen won the hearts of music lovers, from all walks of life, during her time on Season 6 of NBC’s Emmy Award winning series, The Voice. Since then, she has been performing at a variety of venues, making multiple public appearances, all the while recording new music.  Kristen Merlin has shared the stage with some incredible talent including names like Shakira and Sugarland. Kristen Merlin connected with fans across the United States on the 30- U.S. City  -“The Voice Tour”. Kristen also tours Colleges and Universities with her acoustic guitar , spreading her upbeat music, positivity and fun-loving spirit.

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