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Jørdyn is a black indie singer/songwriter and producer from Washington D.C. Currently residing in Cincinnati. On the verge of turning eighteen, Jørdyn released her debut single “dolly zoom” which shares their experiences with anxiety as a teenager. This song springboarded her career and two months later she took part on her first headline tour, the end of seventeen tour. Now, Jørdyn two years later released her newest single “clean” telling the story of the complicated loss of a friendship. Rebranding her sound with a more powerful and professional sound. Jørdyn’s debut ep ‘i didn’t ask for this’ (out may 10th, 2024) is about the realities, struggles, and unfairness of life. Jørdyn speaks on her struggles with loss, grief, jealousy, and displacement in life while experimenting with harmony, vocoding, and soundscapes to create her own unique sound.

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