Jiro Dueñez

Jiro Dueñez

  • Singer/Songwriter

Jiro Dueñez is a Boston-based songwriter from San Diego, California.  His roots stem from old folk and country tunes his father would play him as a kid. Through the years, Jiro’s style has developed into an introspective & personal work that is constantly growing. His source of inspiration draws from conversations and time spent with people, both in passing and long-term. In 2021, Jiro released an EP, titled ‘A Little Blue’ which debuted his efforts as a self-produced songwriter. The work consists of four songs written over the course of four months, each one diving into a different emotion Jiro wished to explore.

His more recent music is an ode to the harsh realities and lessons learned about what it takes to grow as a person. Far from an expert on the subject, Jiro wishes to be able to translate events in his and other’s lives that he doesn’t quite understand yet. His songs serve as a platform where he can contemplate subjects matters carefully and thoughtfully

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