Hush Club

Hush Club

  • Rock

Boston’s Hush Club are pioneers of Milky Way music––their new album, Fingerprints & Stains, has a lush sonic majesty as vast as the galaxy and a melodic beauty as sweet as the candy bar. The album’s meticulously crafted tracks take you on a sensory journey far from home as only potent music can, spiraling past stars and moons, reveling in interstellar tranquility, and traversing asteroid belts.

Hush Club is made up of Chris Haley (guitar, vocals), Liz Kantor (keys, vocals), and Alasdair MacKenzie (drums, bass, vocals), who found each other in college and then isolated together during the COVID-19 pandemic. With Fingerprints & Stains, they take listeners beyond peaks and valleys to examine the nuances of our shared human experience: making sense of heartbreak and pain, questioning the path you’ve chosen, repeating mistakes you thought you had outgrown, and trying to tell your real self apart from disguises.

Whether you let Fingerprints & Stains wash over you like a sonic tsunami or take it in one song at a time, this is a distinctive musical project, with depth and dimensionality that beckon for your exploration.

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