Hayley Sabella

Hayley Sabella

  • Folk
  • Singer/Songwriter

Hayley Sabella’s music is just shy of fitting in. Massachusetts-born but Nicaragua-raised, Hayley mixes gripping melodies with honest, intimate lyrics to create sonic landscapes both spare and lush, all delivered with unabashed earnestness. Hayley’s distinct style has led to invitations to support legendary artists including Emmylou Harris, Ry Cooder, and Ryley Walker, to name a few. Her music has garnered acclaim from Rolling Stone Country, Billboard, and The Bluegrass Situation, among other publications.

“What’s unquestionable is Sabella’s songwriting skills and intimate vocal delivery, as evidenced on her second album, Forgive the Birds, a 10-song mix of affecting ballads and hook-heavy uptempo sing-alongs.” -Billboard 

“Sounds like a time-lapse recording of the weather-beaten New England coast – sometimes cold and deadly, other times refreshing and full of life…Hayley Sabella’s folk-tinted Americana captures the duality of the natural world.” -Rolling Stone Country

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